The guest-Vocalists

The main singers...

Wayne Morris
Entertainer / Vocalist / Guitarist / Composer

Wayne Morris is an absolute incredible musician and entertainer! Damn he knows how to push the crowd! If you haven't seen him yet, please watch out for a gig and enjoy this musical allround genius.

Eva Lüderitz
Vocalist / Vocal coach

Eva Lüderitz is the best female cast for this project I could ever imagine! One can almost hear the 1940s in her perfect vocal appearance. I am very happy to have her and of course Wayne as lead vocalists on my album!

"The Chattanoogas"

Nina Majer
Jazz Singer / Whistler / Vocal coach

Nina Majer is not only a fantastic jazz vocalist, a good friend of mine and of course a kind person but also an incredible whistler which you can hear on two intros to the vocal parts on this album. I am very glad to have her in the choir!

Raimund Burke
Male filling up voices ;-)

Raimund Burke, which is actually me, is not only the mastermind of the whole project but he also sang the most male choir voices.

All together...
"The Chattanoogas"

Nannette Emmerich (Picture No4) sang some additional vocals on "I've got a gal in Kalamazoo" to fill up the choir of many Nina's and "Me's. ;-)
A good singer and a very nice person to work with!

The friends from the V.I.P. Choir

I am proud to announce that some very gentle gentlemen took part in the choir in "Pennsylvania 65000"

(Band names are actual or former Bands)
In Alphabethical order:

Corvin Bahn

Uli Jon Roth, Crystal Breed

Guido Bungenstock

Taurus, Soloartist

Raimund Burke

Raimund Burke Orchestra, Soloartist

Peter Breitenbach


Thomas "Hutch" Bauer

Mad Max

Markus Corby

Paragon, Temple of the Absurd, Beaver Patrol

Ferdy Doernberg

Axel Rudi Pell, Rough Silk, Soloartist

Jan.Heie Erchinger

Jazzkantine, D-Phunk, G-Point, Soloartist

Dirk Erchinger

Jazzkantine, Count Basic, Drumtrainer Berlin

Roland Grapow

Masterplan, Helloween

Markus Grosskopf


Fabian Harloff

Soloartist, Actor, Buddy Holly Musical

Tom Harm


Oliver Hartmann

Hartmann, Avantasia

Josh Holsteen


Axel Kruse

Mad Max, Phantom 5

Chris Laut


Matthias Lohmöller

Therapiezentrum, Docmaklang Studios

Ron Matz

Actor, Boerney & die TriTops, Mr Universe

Wayne Morris


Henni Nachtsheim

Badesalz, Rodgau Monotones

Andreas Pelzer


Jan Silberstorff


Juergen Scholz

GLEIS 8, Klaus Lage

Michael Troy

Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force, Soloartist

Marc Wichmann

'Sleepwalker', Producer / DJ