Project History

Why playing the brass sections with guitars?

Well... the first thing I have to confess is that I can not play any brasses. ;-) But I loved Swing and especially the Glenn Miller stuff very much since I can imagine. And I always wanted to play this kind of music. But I am what I am - a rock guitarist! So I decided, way back in the days, (I guess it was around 1993, while a friend and I talked about doing things like this...) to play this stuff nevertheless!
The only thing I had to do is, to replace the brasses and play every note with single note guitars. And that sounded absolutely amazing to me. I thought to myself, now I put some kind of rock,-fusion,- metal-drums on it and that's it!
But... at that time I had no chance to do this huge album project on my own. Simply because the computers and stuff weren't at that high level that we have nowadays. So I used to ask some labels and producers to make this thing happend. But unfortunately had no luck.
Well... and just 23 years later the technical progress has gone so far that I could do all the complete project on my own! And that is almost it.
Oh, not at all. I than started to figure out every note by ear. Because I am not the greatest reader of scores. ;-) And that turns out to be a little different, because of the very complex brass sections that do have sometimes up to 5 or 6 voices. And that combined with all the difficult melodies was quite some work! ;-)

The Orchestra is made of:
6 Guit. (Sax. + Cl.)
6 Guit. (Tr. + Trb.)
Bandleader (Trb.)
Rhythm Guit.

Recordings in progress...
CD is mastered now!

I have an old sonor with quite some cymbals to figure out the drums.

CD is mastered now!

Bass recordings with my really cool old spector bass.

CD is mastered now!

As you can see, this is a kind of an accoustic bass recording. ;-)

CD is mastered now!

I am just about to record one of hundreds of guitar tracks.

CD is mastered now!

With a little help from my friends... ;-)

CD is mastered now!

The final master is in my hands now! Yeah! ;-)


I clearly underestimated the workload! Since I can not read any score, I had to figure out every single note just by ear. And just two years later there is a complete album. ;-)

Raimund Burke
Bandleader Raimund Burke Orchestra