I am Raimund Burke

Bandleader of the Raimund Burke Orchestra

Ok, there is only me in the band...! ;-)


1984 everything began with the first guitar...

... given to me by my parents (because the drum kit was too loud in the house).
In the same year I founded my first hard rock band "Inverness" together with my best buddy Peter Breitenbach and later on with Bjoern Eilen on bass (both formed the band "Warhead" in 1993).
1989 I recorded my first Hard rock demo (Sea Of Green) professionally at Cottage Studio, Osnabrueck which was even mentioned in the local Osnabrueck paper comparing him to Yngwie Malmsteen. This was totally exaggerated but nevertheless very nice. 1990 I took classes in Popular Music at Hochschule fuer Musik und darstellende Kunst, Hamburg, Germany.
1991 The Band "KING COCKROACH" (Hardrock)
1992-1994 there was a little fusion rock band in Osnabrueck named "Zumpf". Weird name, weird, far out instrumental fusion music.
1994 Martelli (Hardrock), Hamburg, together with ex-Mydra singer Andre Martelli. Also in 1994 a little tour with Markus Wolter, who opened for Michy Reincke, both unplugged.
2000 I finally bought myself a drum kit (his other passion) and applied it on "Into The Void" – 2001 a cover band playing hard rock und heavy metal songs.
2005 I finished my first own instrumental CD "Get It" (which can be purchased on this site). Just before Christmas I creatively used my time to make a rocking Christmas Maxi CD (Christmas in Rock) which is very unique.
2006 “Get It” got rave reviews from listeners and critics alike. The media praised the joy of playing, the ideas and the great songs on the CD.
Meanwhile, in 2007, I had contributed guitar solos on the Safkan debut album which was published in 2008. There were also a couple of studio jobs that required some soli for a hardrock as well as for a yet unpublished country/rock project from Norway, which adapted a few hardrock classics.
Also in 2007 the production of the new CD “Into My Arena” is underway full blast, recorded at the R&B home studio and mastered at Docmaklang Studio, Osnabrueck, Germany.
In December 2008, the new CD “Into My Arena” is released. I was able to obtain quotes from some well-known music experts. This album received excellent press reviews worldwide.
2010 was the release of my 4th CD "Christmas Classics". 10 well known Christmas songs in my own "style", including lots of gimmicks and surprises.
2012/2013 I completely re-recorded my first CD, "Get it" which is entitled "Get it 2.0". And so the songs were filled up with new life. There is also a humorous video clip of the song: "The Typewriter," in which I played two roles. Once the 'Jerry Lewis typical' 'Typewriter pantomime "and the guitar part.
And in 2016 I now release my long-cherished wish of making a complete Glenn Miller album and the video clip for "In the Mood".

Raimund Burke August 2016

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