Swing Rocks!

Glenn Miller songs played with 14 guitars! ;-)

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15 Track Album!

After a short while you hear Brasses! Crazy! ;-)

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Dean Markley Artist!

I am now part of the Dean Markley Family! ;-)

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One Man Band

All Instruments played by Raimund Burke

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The Raimund Burke Orchestra
Performs A Rockin' Tribute To Glenn Miller

"My long-cherished wish has finally come true"

With 3 fantastic vocal performances...

... by Wayne Morris and Eva Lüderitz on "At Last", "Chattanooga Choo Choo" and "I've got a gal in Kalamazoo"!

Original cover versions!

All brass sections are replaced by 12 rock guitars playing exactly the same notes as the original recordings, including all the solos!

With special V.I.P. choir!

"Pennsylvania 65000" has a very special V.I.P. choir with 23 well known guys who I am very proud of to have participated and had fun to shout in this choir.

15 track album!

"This amazing project will blow your mind!"
And even when you think it's over, than the funny hidden track will surprise you again.

Sensational new album project! A must hear! ;-)

15 Track CD buy now! V.I.P. Choir included!
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The Making of!

this is the "Making Of" of my Project: The Raimund Burke Orchestra Performes A Rockin' Tribute To Glenn Miller! If you haven't heard about yet: I did a full tribute album with 15 Glenn Miller Songs on which I replaced all the brasses with guitars!

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Kemper Profiler using was a blast!

The most important , let's say tool, for the whole production on this album was the Kemper KPA! Without this fantastic 'wonder machine' I would have never been able to create this huge variety of different guitar tracks in this high quality! Thanks for this invention! ;-)
Video coming very soon...

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Raimund Burke Orchestra use:

The using of these great products
made the work very comfortable

  • Cyan Guitars
  • Dean Markley
  • Kemper KPA
  • Epiphone
  • esh
  • Mackie
  • Marshall
  • Seymour Duncan
  • Spector
  • Steinberg
  • Takamine
  • TubeThomsen

Quote of the year

"Son youve been touched by the angels, youre guitar playing is amazing. I'm still picking my tongue off the floor, holy shit your compositions " The Day before" was stunning, "The "Typewriter" was stellar as well and chock full of humor (Jerry Lewis right?). Ive got to tell you that most of the demo's or finished records that I get can be mediocre, but I was floored by your talent... You know I've spent 20 plus years hanging out with Paul Gilbert and I think he would agree with me that you've got the gift of the God's..... Holy #@$% He plays drums too!! "(Mouth!)"

Eric Martin - (Mr Big) (Quote for the "Get it 2.0" album)